Poker Spotlight on Huck Seed

He may appear to be one of the quietest players at the table, but poker pros who know Huck Seed are aware that he is always watching his opponents' every move and waiting to capitalize on their weakness. His $5.1 million in tournament earnings only puts him at number 57 on the all time list of winners, but his cash game skills are well known throughout the industry and Seed has been a force to be reckoned with since he first appeared on the poker stage and when he often plays in online poker rooms such as PokerStars one of the out there. From his first trips to the World Series of Poker in 1990, it was already clear that the gentle giant would have a strong presence in the future of the game. However, it was quite a different career path that Seed had intended during his Montana upbringing.

Going to school at the California Institute of Technology, Huck Seed had the idea of becoming a professional electrical engineer. In this California setting, the draw games of poker caught his eye and he found himself spending less and less time in classes. In 1989, he decided on a leave of absence from his studies to see if he would be able to make a living from his burgeoning poker skills. In 1990, he burst onto the poker scene with fourth place finishes in two WSOP events and the following years saw Seed cashing on a regular basis in the tournaments. All of his experience at the poker tables came to fruition in 1996, when he ran through the competition in the Main Event and took the title, surprising poker fans but for making perfect sense for all players great game that had competed against the highly skilled Seed.

Huck Seed'spoker online accomplishments are not limited to just his Main Event win. He has continued to have regular success and several big finishes. In total, he has won four bracelets, but it may be his record in the Heads Up Poker Championship that Seed considers his most proud achievement. In the heads up format tournament, he not only won in the year 2009, but also has the overall best record of any player that has been played in the invitation-only event. His ability to dominate heads up opponents has been well documented and he is one of the regular favorites at the yearly tournament.

While his poker success may be what he is best known for, there is another side of Huck Seed that most casual fans are not aware of. The professional player online gamblers also makes many strange prop bets for large amounts of money, including one against fellow pro Phil Hellmuth that he would be able to float in the ocean for a full day without touching the ocean floor. He lost the bet, but it is only one of few where he has not prevailed. Other famous Huck Seed prop bets include scoring 100 or less four times on a golf course with only the use of three clubs, which he did in Las Vegas during a 120 degree day.