Online Keno Rules

Originally an Ancient Chinese lottery game, keno migrated to the United States in the mid-1800s. The rules of keno are very simple, which is probably why it has stuck around as long as it has. With just a few easy rules, anyone can learn to play this incredibly ubiquitous and popular game

How to Play

Keno rules can be picked up by almost anyone and make a great side game for casino and online gamblers. Each player fills out a ticket by making a selection from the numbers on a grid. The numbers are locked in with a bid and then the race or keno round begins. Numbers are randomly selected and any match to the player's selection wins that player money. The amount of money is determined by both how many numbers are matched and how much was bid on that race.

Payouts and the House Edge

If all of the numbers played to match the player's bid, the player wins a huge jackpot. This is incredibly rare. Most of the time players match only a few numbers and win a smaller, though not inconsiderable, payout. This payout poker online can increase if the player placed more than a minimum bet, and is multiplied by the percentage of the numbers played versus the number of actual matches. For instance, if a player played ten numbers, he or she would need to match a minimum of five numbers to win any money. If the player only played six numbers, he or she would only need to match three.

The exact amounts for payouts depend on the unique keno rules for each casino. Online casinos poker will publish this information on their websites, allowing players to make educated decisions about how much they want to wager and how many numbers they want to play online keno.